Meal plan no. 24

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Sunday: Meatballs

Monday: Baked Chicken

Tuesday: Must-goes

Wednesday: Chili

Thursday: Tacos

Friday: Dinner w/Family

Saturday: Sloppy Joes

Thoughts for this Thursday

This morning has just totally flown by! I don’t get how my mornings fly by and I hardly get to drink the coffee I want but then the day just drags on after lunch. Like, it’s already lunch time but I still want another cup of coffee! I guess I could always drink one but after a certain time it doesn’t taste as good as it does in the mornings.

I keep telling myself that I am going to start keeping a daily record of all the things that Kevin and I do. I feel like we are always working or finishing a project or cleaning. Oh who am I kidding, we are always cleaning lol. But for real, we do a lot on a daily basis. Let me try and list some real quick:

Thursday: sweep, mop, straighten up toys. Make icing for cupcakes, Kevin helped move my parents.

Wednesday: play date in sumrall, take chickens to the swamp, go get tractor, trailer, and truck from my parents land

Tuesday: clean and move (extremely heavy) couch to Vicksburg, call multiple people about dining room table, move furniture from my parents house to ours

Monday: move table and chairs out of the house, go pick up new chairs from my parents house, move washer and dryer into parents trailer

Sunday: go to church, go to the zoo, take care of cranky kids who didn’t nap(lol!)

So anyways I’m gonna stop there, but that’s a heck of a lot of stuff we have done! And it’s like this alllll the time. I can’t wait for some sort of a break.

So we did get a lot of furniture out of our house! I’m so excited. We have more room now yet our living room doesn’t feel empty. It feels even more balanced than before. We’re still moving things around and working on how we want everything to look but I saw a picture earlier of how it looks now and I really really love it. Nothing matches at all anymore but that’s something we will take care of when we get to that point.

I don’t know if I mentioned it before but Eleanor’s birthday party is this weekend and I need to start working on that! I’m planning on doing mini cupcakes because those are my absolute favorite desserts. I also want to decorate them with rainbow colors! The more minimalist we get, the more drawn to colors I become. I don’t think Kevin knows this yet but oh well! He’ll find out 🙂 I also plan to have snack foods like fruit and veggies, Eleanor loves those too! I want to do some fun decorations but I don’t know if I’ll have the time.

I want to do so many creative projects but I’m just not in a season of life where that’s easily done. I’m deep in the trenches of babyhood and toddlerhood so it feels like my life is one long game of catch up. I’m not trying to complain but I just need to tell somebody that life right now is hard! Lately I’ve been feeling this vibe that everybody expects moms to know what they’re doing. It may be just me and my insecurities, but when I get asked questions by women who aren’t in these trenches, I feel pressure to be right and if I’m not right then that’s not good enough. I don’t believe I’m alone in feeling that way and if that’s the case, it’s not okay. Mothers everywhere of every stage need compassion. None of us know what we’re doing and it is ok that we don’t get everything right sometimes.

Sometimes babies just don’t sleep.

Sometimes three year olds don’t eat.

Sometimes two year olds don’t nap.

It’s okay for all these things to happen. And I’m actually ok when these things happen. Until somebody else asks about it and then the insecurities start. I find myself overwhelmed by this because I have never been an insecure person so to experience these emotions is just crazy feeling.

Ok, that’s all I have today.

Meal plan no. 23

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Sunday: Chili

Monday: Spaghetti

Tuesday: Leftovers

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: Sloppy Joes

Friday: Dinner w/Family

Saturday: Meatballs

More Decluttering!!

So, oh my gosh. Oh have we decluttered this week! For several months, Kevin and I talked about redoing our dining table. Then we got really serious about what we thought we wanted to do to it and ended up deciding that we actually just wanted a different table. Of course, we wanted to make a table out of pipe and wood to go along with our industrial pipe shelves. I found several tables that I liked and that was about as far as we got. To buy a table like what we want would be super expensive. To make a table like what we want is not as expensive but still more than we can want to spend right now.

Then one day I looked around and noticed that we did in fact already own a smaller table that we could use! So I switched our big table with our smaller sewing table to try out how we liked the size. And we love it! And finally after a few months of procrastinating, I took some pictures and posted the table on Facebook and I got it sold! Yay! So we got that French provincial monstrosity out of our house.

It has only been one day that the table has been gone from the house but goodness our living room is so refreshing now. Although it didn’t feel cramped before we moved the table out, there is more space and I feel like there is more room mentally. It’s funny how I didn’t even know that’s how I felt until after the table was gone.

But that’s not all! We also “sold” our couch to Faith. Sooo that huge thing is out of our house now. At the time that I am writing this post, I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we don’t have a couch in our living room. The first year we moved into our house, we had six couches and two pianos. We were ridiculous! I have no idea what to do with this room and I have no plan for it. I don’t know what is supposed to anchor the room now that we don’t have our main piece of furniture.

Honestly, I’m probably going to let Kevin figure it out. I kind of brought in more furniture and he was a little disappointed because he was looking forward to getting more stuff out of the house and then I brought more stuff in. In a way I want more stuff out of the house, too. This morning I’ve been thinking about the extra furniture that I claimed from my parents house and I really don’t want most of it. I thought I did but now that we are trying to minimize some more, I realize just how needless it is.

Kevin isn’t here for the day and I’ve moved all the pieces that I don’t want out to the carport as a surprise for when he gets back later. I hope it makes him happy. Looking around, it’s already making me happy and it is actually helping me realize that the furniture I have chosen to keep is what I really want.


It’s pretty awesome because we went from several large pieces of furniture to just a few smaller pieces and we love it! I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. I’m looking for some before pictures of the rooms so I can show just how much of a difference getting rid of the table and couch made.

Decluttering and minimalism is pretty great. I don’t want to get too far into this subject right now but everything is automatically tidier and neater in my house. Eleanor’s birthday party is this weekend and I’m not even stressed at all even thought I haven’t started cleaning for it! Last year I had to start cleaning at least two weeks before the party so I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by it all. Getting rid of our excess junk is one of the best things that we have started doing. And we are still not done. Will we ever be done?

Budgeting and our cash envelopes

We have now gotten two paychecks since our decision to commit to a budget and this week we will get the third. Doing a budget and using only cash has been kind of underwhelming so far. I mean, it was exciting at first! We have a plan! We are gonna pay off our debt! But a written plan that is dependent on what will happen takes a little longer than two paychecks to show much substantial progress.

In fact, it’s a little discouraging right now because we are trying to be so focused on paying off our debt as fast as we can, we have set our “extras” categories seriously low. Starting out here is what our budget is for our variable expenses: Groceries: $600.00

  • Groceries: $600.00
  • Fuel: $400.00
  • Eating out: $100.00
  • Shopping: $100.00

We have a church tithes envelope and a miscellaneous envelope as well. Our tithes correlate to our income so that amount will always fluctuate. And we have no set amount for our miscellaneous category either. In April, when we first committed to a set budget, we had to renew the tag on Kevin’s truck so we created the miscellaneous envelope for that.

So far we are slightly over budget on groceries, I think this is because Kevin is home an extra week so I’ve had to buy more food to make up for that. As I type this out it occurs to me that maybe we can change our budget for groceries for this month. Ugh this is what happened to us in the first place to make us get serious about the budget. I’m pretty good at keeping our groceries at $600.00 but this month has a few different factors that I wasn’t able to plan for ahead of time. Not to mention we are still working on catching up from a missed paycheck in April.

Oh well, back to what I was saying. So basically how this has worked out is that Kevin has come up with the plan and told me what he wants us to do. Then I organize it all, write it all out as an action plan, and then we execute it! Kevin was able to come up with an accurate plan because I have loosely tracked our spending for years. Now we are working on learning how to adjust our plan according to any miscellaneous expenses that will be coming up and stuff like that.

Since we have always lived basically paycheck to paycheck, we are having trouble looking forward and planning for future expenses. We just made it work and somehow we always made it by. In April we experienced just how we were barely making it living that way. This has made our main goal to get rid of our debt. Since having kids, we have gotten a good little bit of medical debt.

I don’t have the exact numbers in front of me right now, but the amount is right at $10k. I sat down last week and listed out all of our medical debt so we could plan which amounts to try and eliminate first. Three of the amounts are each under $600 and we think we can pay off each of those in the next few months. In fact one is going to be paid off this Friday! And we might be able to pay off another small one by the end of this month. That’s our plan as of right now.

We did pay off our very first medical debt last week and that was super energizing. When I was organizing all of our debts, I noticed that we were paying $50.00 for something every month but I didn’t have the total amount we owed. I called the company and they told me that we had $27.12 left for that debt and I did a little happy dance as I paid that remaining balance. It was so fun and exciting to get one thing checked off my list even if it is a small amount. It was still a big deal and quick win to help us keep going.

Our plan is to use the snowball method to pay off our remaining balances so we will need to reallocate that $50 we were spending there to a different balance. It has been a busy few days since that happened so we haven’t decided which balance to put that towards. We are going to pay off our other balances for this month first and then come up with a new plan. So exciting.

As far as the cash budget goes, right now we are taking it paycheck by paycheck. So this means that with since Kevin is getting two paychecks a month, we get half of each category out of each paycheck. For groceries that is $300.00, for eating out that is $50.00, for shopping that is $50.00. Eventually I want to have enough of a buffer in our account that at the beginning of each month I can pull out the full amount we have budgeted for the month.

It is slow going right now and I feel like things keep popping up on us but I have to remember that we just started doing this and things won’t change overnight. Mainly because we didn’t get to this point overnight.

Meal plan no. 22

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Sunday: Chili

Monday: Mexican Steak

Tuesday: Grilled shrimp

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Dinner w/Family

Saturday: Hamburgers

Hitch goals no. 7

Oh hey! I’m just a little late with my hitch goals this month. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately, I’m constantly going and not getting enough breaks to rest and recharge. So I’m trying to keep it simple this month since I have a lot of other responsibilities that I have to do.

  1. Exercise. I found this 21 day workout challenge that I liked. While the exercises aren’t easy, they don’t require a lot from me as far as time and sweating.
  2. Declutter Jake’s closet. To tell the truth I have already done this last week. But it happened in May and I need an easy win so I’m gonna count it.
  3. Cook more vegetables. I kind of cook sides for our meals but I am also a little lazy when it comes to cooking because Kevin never ate anything other than the main dish I made so I never got in the habit of making veggies to go with our meals. But I feel like my body is craving more than just the minimum I’ve been eating so my goal is to cook more vegetables and have fruit available.

Cash Envelope Budgeting

We are still working on finding our footing with our budgeting right now. It is May 7, 5 days after pay day and we still have yet to go get our cash out of the bank for our ash spending. Life is hectic, we have a lot going on and oftentimes I feel like I can’t think straight. Three kids and all.

We went to the zoo last Friday and I realized that I didn’t have any cash in the eating out envelope when we stopped for coffee. At first I pulled out my debit card since I didn’t have the cash, but I actually felt a little weird about that! I didn’t want to use my card at all, I have realized that I much prefer to use cash. Luckily I had some in another envelope so I just “borrowed” some from that one. I wrote down the amount so I could be sure to replace what I took. I need to be more insistent on getting our cash for spending though, because I don’t want to get in the habit of moving cash around like that. I think it leaves too much room for messing up and losing track of our cash.

This afternoon I intend to sit down and figure out the amounts of cash I need to withdraw from the bank to get our cash budgeting system back on track. I really should have already made the plan ahead of time but this is only our second paycheck to do the cash budgeting so I’m giving myself grace. I did use my card the other day and it gave me a little anxiety to use it instead of cash so I really need to get on this planning bit.

I’m also wondering if I need to write down what we spend money on to track where the cash is going. As much as I would love to have that record, I think it may be unnecessary. But. With us just starting out trying to take control of our spending, it might be super helpful to see where we spend our cash. I use the Mint app and it does the tracking for me with my card usage and checking account usage. I can also manually enter in where all the cash goes. Maybe I will just track my spending using the app if I can be diligent to enter in each amount as I spend it.

Having a budget for our different expenses has already begun to make me more conscious of our spending. The other day we had the opportunity to eat at the mall and I told Kevin that I didn’t want to waste our eating out money on the mall. There are other places I would much rather go. I was so pleased to realize how having a budget and making the effort to stick to it has already changed my way of thinking!

Anyways, I can’t wait until we can start to see even more progress from these changes we are making. I really love that we are strictly using cash to buy what we want. Having the budget in place really makes me feel more in control of our money because I am paying more attention to where it is going and I can better keep track of how much has been spent and how much is left.

Meal plan no. 21

We are starting out the week with Cinco de Mayo so of course we are having a Mexican inspired meal! Kevin likes to eat the mexican steak when we go out to eat and I have been looking for more meals to add to our rotation. I tried these out for the first time a couple of weeks ago but I had bought the wrong cut of meat. Mainly because I don’t know how to pick out steaks. But it was still good! And I’m looking forward to making these again tonight.

Here’s what we are eating this week:

Sunday: Mexican steak and tacos

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Chili

Wednesday: Bagel Bites

Thursday: Gumbo

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Hamburger

Decluttering Our Closet

We decluttered our closets this past weekend! Even though this wasn’t on my list for the month to do, it is something that has been bothering me in the back of my mind. In our closets, we were basically storing things that we had already decluttered from other places. But even so, I wanted to go through what all I had and organize my stuff.

In the top of my closet is where I keep all of my craft stuff and all of my projects in progress. It looked like a huge mess because I was using a bunch of random boxes that I already had to get me by. I already decluttered and pared down my supplies to only what I needed and wanted. So the first step of decluttering for my crafts was finished. So I got a set of clear plastic drawers and consolidated all of my supplies into them.

What a difference! Oh my gosh my closet looks so great! In the drawers I have my sewing notions, my cross-stitch and needlework supplies, and my little stash of fabric that I have. I’m also in the middle of 3 projects and those are contained in their own clear plastic storage boxes.

Having the projects in their own separate boxes is convenient because if I ever feel like working on a project, all I have to do is pull out that box. Every thing that I have that goes with each project is in the box for that project! One day when I’m not doing a hundred other things I will also finish one of those projects.

I feel like the more decluttering projects I do, the more productive I am becoming. And I have to say that living this way, constantly doing, is much better than sitting around looking at things and wishing things were different. There is still a lot a lot that I have in mind to declutter and then organize. I keep making lists of what is left to go through but there are different things on each list so I should really try to find them all and consolidate them. And probably stop writing my lists on loose leaf paper.