Adventures in decluttering!

I have decluttered around the house a lot lately. About a month ago I put the majority of the kids toys in boxes so I could do a toy rotation and at the beginning of July, I switched out my first rotation. It was such a success and I’m so proud of how it worked!

I finally got to clearing out the bathrooms, too, and I am super happy about it. I have been wanting to declutter them for several months now and one afternoon I was feeling in a weird mood and I got rid of a garbage bag of expired toiletries and hair and bath products we weren’t using. We have a lot of blankets that we don’t need right now and they are stored in the bathroom closet. I want to find a better way to organize them because right now they’re just stuffed in the top shelf and it’s basically a spot I avoid to look at. Ha ha!

I was still in a weird mood for a few days after that so I also decluttered my social medias. I try to do this from time to time because I have noticed that I tend to go on a “following spree” and start following a bunch of different accounts that are inspiring to me at the time. After a while a lot of them stop being inspiring and I find myself just scrolling past their posts to find the posts I really want to look at. I really think this is what causes me to be in a weird mood and that’s when I know it is time for me to unfollow people. I always feel much happier after I do this, too!

One night Kevin took down a shelf in the kitchen for me. This is something I’ve been asking for a while now and we finally did it! I’m hoping this will help with giving me more room for storage for cereal boxes and stuff. All of the shelves in my kitchen cabinets are too short for me to stand any boxes upright so I was storing them on their side. This is not practical in case anybody wondered. I still haven’t figured out the best way to store everything in that cabinet yet but at least I can stand all my cereal boxes up.

We went shopping last week and I got some new socks bc most of mine had holes in them like on the balls of my feet. So that spurred me to throw away all the socks and just have my new ones. And then I kind of went from there and cleaned out my dressers and I have a box of clothes to donate and a trash bag of messed up clothes and some other random trash that was in our room. I feel really good about getting that done.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that I am still trying to find different methods that work for us. Eventually I hope to get better storage and ways to organize what we have. It’s probably gonna be longer than I wish it would be but for right now what we are doing is working for us. I love that I’ve been able to use what we have and make do with what I find around the house, especially since we are paying off debt and stuff. But I still look forward to the day that I am not using diaper boxes as permanent storage for everything.

Whole30(ish) and exercising

Ok so hey! I stopped keeping track of my food last week but I’m planning on doing better this week. I kind of slacked on my whole30 eating. I wonder if it is because I am drinking sweetened creamer in my coffee. And I’m drinking coffee almost all day. I feel like if I’m thinking that then that is probably the case. Maybe I’m treating coffee more like a snack instead of actual coffee? Idk. I’m planning for us to have hamburgers this evening and I’m super excited about it 👏🏻maybe I will start making more hamburgers because Kevin and the kids like them! 

So I’ve been doing the whole30(ish) thing for a week now. And yesterday I did horribly with what I ate. So today I guess I’m kind of starting over and will be more strict with what I’m eating. I have several pairs of shorts in holding onto that I want to wear as well as a super pretty bathing suit I want to wear! We go to the beach on the first week of September so that gives me just under two months to lose my extra that I’ve gained. And I know I will want to have some clothes to wear but I don’t want to buy much more new ones.

It’s pretty hard right now because I really think that the reason I want to eat is that it feels like that is the only thing I can control by doing what I want to do and that is eat. But I’m at the point now that I’m listening to my body and it is telling me that I’m not hungry and that I don’t really want to eat anything. Yet every once in a while I’m still eating. And for what, like for something to do? That’s just absurd! 

Maybe every time I feel the urge to eat something I will try to go be more active. Which is something else I’m feeling the pull to do. I had started a 21-day workout routine but then stopped. Mainly because I forgot after a few days. Because I don’t schedule it in, I just fit in doing it whenever I get the chance because that is my life right now! Ha ha. Maybe if I scheduled it in, that would help a lot.

I’ve been thinking for a little while that maybe going to a gym would help, but really, I feel like if I don’t do the work at home, what makes me think I will do it elsewhere. Which led me to thinking about how active my children are while I just sit there. So I think, for real, that I’m gonna start doing what they do and let that be my workout. Think about it though. When I was ten I was definitely in the best shape of my life and what was I doing? Riding bicycles, climbing trees, running around playing pretend. 

I should just return to doing that. Somewhere along the way I got it in my head that I had to do formal workouts to be strong and lose weight. Well what better workout is there than a full body workout where I climb a tree and can only use my arms to pull myself up? I can’t think of much.

I have some reservations because I’m not the same size that I was when I was ten. I have to wear this annoying thing called a bra and to be honest, my boobs get in my way. I’m sincerely unhappy with them but there’s nothing I can do. Do I love that I can provide food for Jacob from my own body? Absolutely I do! It’s pretty amazing! And I know that the more I get moving, the more I can realize that they aren’t as much of a hindrance as I feel like they are. 

Whole30(ish) Food Log: week 1

Monday: sausage balls for breakfast, taco salad for lunch, sloppy joes in bell pepper boats for supper. Cups of coffee: 3. Cups of water: 5

Tuesday: sausage balls for breakfast, chicken strips for lunch, Hawaiian chicken for supper. Snacks: handful of marshmallows, one graham cracker, baby carrots. Cups of coffee: 3. Water: 7

Wednesday: sausage balls for breakfast, leftover Hawaiian chicken and sloppy joes for lunch, scrambled eggs and sausage for supper. Cups of coffee: 5. Water: 9

Thursday: sausage patties for breakfast, grilled shrimp and sausage for lunch, sloppy joe stuffed sweet potatoes for supper. Cups of coffee: 4. Water: 9

Friday: sausage patties for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, shredded chicken tacos and one piece of pizza. Snacks: bite of cookie cake, handful of m&ms. Cups of coffee: 3. Water: 5

Meal plan no. 27

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Bagelbites, must-goes

Monday: Cajun shrimp

Tuesday: Hamburgers

Wednesday: Pizza

Thursday: Mexican steak

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Spaghetti

Hitch goals no. 8

Totally forgot to do hitch goals for June! Life has been going back and forth between hard and not as hard and I just completely forgot. So anyways, to be honest, I haven’t put a lot of thought into short term goals lately. Kevin and I are doing a lot of dreaming for the future and I can’t stop thinking about all of our plans! That being said, I have come up with a few goals for July:

  • Whole30(ish). I’ve kind of already been doing this lately, but totally fell off the wagon last week. I’m planning to try again for this month.
  • Pay off medical credit card. We had some extensive dental work done the past two years and had to put the expenses on a card. Hopefully we will pay this balance off by the end of the month, two years early. We should be able to do this thanks to our tax refund and overtime Kevin has been making!
  • Declutter bathrooms. To be honest, this has been on my to-do list for a couple of months now. And I keep putting it off. This month I plan to make it a definite priority to get it done.

Meal plan no. 26

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Hot Dogs

Monday: Sloppy joes

Tuesday: Pineapple chicken tacos

Wednesday: Scrambled eggs and sausage

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Gumbo

My new snake plant(s)

I have been wanting a snake plant for a while, pretty much ever since my last one died. I’m not entirely sure what happened with it, it just started dying and never recovered. So anyways, I went to Lowe’s and looked at all the plants and saw it! There was a pot that had two plants growing in it while almost all of the other ones had just a single snake plant. I got that one and have divided them and repotted it into two pots. What a great deal! I’m so pleased and cannot wait to find their new homes.

Meal plan no. 25

I’ve missed a couple of weeks, it started with a week of VBS at church and then I never officially wrote a meal plan down for a few weeks. I have really missed it though!

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Grilled lil smokies, green beans

Monday: Sloppy joes

Tuesday: Tacos

Wednesday: Turkey snack plate

Thursday: Grilled chicken

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Grilled lil smokies

My Plants!

Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ It’s been a minute since I last posted, I’ve had a lot going on with life just keeping busy, nothing tragic. This past week I noticed that a new leaf has sprouted on my fiddle leaf fig plant! I’m so excited because I had basically given up on it. So I thought I would share all my houseplants!

Aside from my fiddle leaf fig, they’re all basically the same kind of plant, a pothos. Those plants are so easy to keep alive and I love how they kind of have trailing vines that grow. Currently I have three full size plants and two single transplants that I was able to root in another pot. I am so eager to add a few more plants to my collection but I’m satisfied with what I have right now!

May Budget Recap

May was a wake up call for us. Ok wait, that was April. May was a big learning month. It showed me how important it is to plan ahead for unusual expenses.

Even before we committed to following a budget, I had always loosely followed a budget of $600 for myself. I know how our family eats, what our needs are, and generally how much food I need to get every week. In May, Kevin took his vacation and was home for an extra week. When we were planning out our budget for groceries, I didn’t even think to add more to our grocery budget to compensate for him being home. Adding a week’s worth of food for a grown man makes a big difference to how much is spent on groceries! Especially since when he’s not here, I eat my meals a little bit differently. I find that I don’t cook as big of meals, we will usually eat something simple like meatballs and veggies.

We went over budget on shopping and eating out, too. Shopping included buying clothes for me and also buying stuff for Eleanor’s birthday and party. After years of buying whatever I want, when I want, it’s a little harder than I thought it would be to stop doing that. I think that is because in the back of my mind I know that we have enough to cover extra spending. Ten years ago I was more disciplined in how I spent my money, but with a little practice I know I can get back to not spending as frivolously.

We went over our eating out budget by $32. Part of this was due to the fact that after a very busy weekend, our dishwasher broke! And after spending all day doing a whole lot of work to see if we could fix it, we had to go buy a new one. So, I meal plan, right? Well if I’m not home to actually prep and cook the meals, then I don’t stick to the plan. And that’s okay. Sometimes our life is a little chaotic and we choose to eat out.

So also, our dishwasher broke! I have felt like this has been coming on for a while now, so I wasn’t shocked. And really, it could not have broken at a more convenient time as far as sales go. We got a really nice dishwasher for over $100 less than its original full price. Which is great because sales, and I really love love my new dishwasher! It has a half-load setting which is perfect for me since I run our dishwasher every night.

Although we were able to pay cash for the dishwasher, we don’t have an emergency fund set up. That is something we want to have and will probably get started with funding it in June. Right now we just want the basic emergency fund of $1000. I don’t think it will be hard for us to do this. I think we have never made any progress with a significant savings amount because we have never set a savings goal which allowed us to spend as much money as we please. And then we would be disappointed when we didn’t have enough left over for savings. What a shocker, right? lol!

I’m learning that it is true that I can’t just set my budget and then never look at it again. Every month is not the same so the budget for every month can’t be the same. With our first month of budgeting completed, I am so happy with all that we have learned and can do better with our future monthly budgets!