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Whole30(ish) and exercising

Ok so hey! I stopped keeping track of my food last week but I’m planning on doing better this week. I kind of slacked on my whole30 eating. I wonder if it is because I am drinking sweetened creamer in my coffee. And I’m drinking coffee almost all day. I feel like if I’m thinking that then that is probably the case. Maybe I’m treating coffee more like a snack instead of actual coffee? Idk. I’m planning for us to have hamburgers this evening and I’m super excited about it 👏🏻maybe I will start making more hamburgers because Kevin and the kids like them! 

So I’ve been doing the whole30(ish) thing for a week now. And yesterday I did horribly with what I ate. So today I guess I’m kind of starting over and will be more strict with what I’m eating. I have several pairs of shorts in holding onto that I want to wear as well as a super pretty bathing suit I want to wear! We go to the beach on the first week of September so that gives me just under two months to lose my extra that I’ve gained. And I know I will want to have some clothes to wear but I don’t want to buy much more new ones.

It’s pretty hard right now because I really think that the reason I want to eat is that it feels like that is the only thing I can control by doing what I want to do and that is eat. But I’m at the point now that I’m listening to my body and it is telling me that I’m not hungry and that I don’t really want to eat anything. Yet every once in a while I’m still eating. And for what, like for something to do? That’s just absurd! 

Maybe every time I feel the urge to eat something I will try to go be more active. Which is something else I’m feeling the pull to do. I had started a 21-day workout routine but then stopped. Mainly because I forgot after a few days. Because I don’t schedule it in, I just fit in doing it whenever I get the chance because that is my life right now! Ha ha. Maybe if I scheduled it in, that would help a lot.

I’ve been thinking for a little while that maybe going to a gym would help, but really, I feel like if I don’t do the work at home, what makes me think I will do it elsewhere. Which led me to thinking about how active my children are while I just sit there. So I think, for real, that I’m gonna start doing what they do and let that be my workout. Think about it though. When I was ten I was definitely in the best shape of my life and what was I doing? Riding bicycles, climbing trees, running around playing pretend. 

I should just return to doing that. Somewhere along the way I got it in my head that I had to do formal workouts to be strong and lose weight. Well what better workout is there than a full body workout where I climb a tree and can only use my arms to pull myself up? I can’t think of much.

I have some reservations because I’m not the same size that I was when I was ten. I have to wear this annoying thing called a bra and to be honest, my boobs get in my way. I’m sincerely unhappy with them but there’s nothing I can do. Do I love that I can provide food for Jacob from my own body? Absolutely I do! It’s pretty amazing! And I know that the more I get moving, the more I can realize that they aren’t as much of a hindrance as I feel like they are. 

Whole30(ish) Food Log: week 1

Monday: sausage balls for breakfast, taco salad for lunch, sloppy joes in bell pepper boats for supper. Cups of coffee: 3. Cups of water: 5

Tuesday: sausage balls for breakfast, chicken strips for lunch, Hawaiian chicken for supper. Snacks: handful of marshmallows, one graham cracker, baby carrots. Cups of coffee: 3. Water: 7

Wednesday: sausage balls for breakfast, leftover Hawaiian chicken and sloppy joes for lunch, scrambled eggs and sausage for supper. Cups of coffee: 5. Water: 9

Thursday: sausage patties for breakfast, grilled shrimp and sausage for lunch, sloppy joe stuffed sweet potatoes for supper. Cups of coffee: 4. Water: 9

Friday: sausage patties for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, shredded chicken tacos and one piece of pizza. Snacks: bite of cookie cake, handful of m&ms. Cups of coffee: 3. Water: 5