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Wanting more of less

We are headed home from the beach and I want the feeling of lightness to continue with us to our home. Over the past year we have decluttered and minimized a lot of our house. Stuff keeps creeping in and cluttering up spaces that I have already cleared out and straightened up. Being in a clean space for a vacation is so lovely feeling has me motivated to get home and clean some more!

I love that about going on vacation. The feeling of lightness and openness that comes with the uncluttered room where we stay is what I’m after in my own home. I love being at home and I want it to feel peaceful and look around and clean surfaces.

Minimalism is a way for us to achieve this at our house and I think going on vacation was a good way to give me a little bit of motivation that I have been lacking. It’s so easy to get complacent with how things are when I am looking at it the same every day.

It’s September!

Hi! How is it going? To be honest, for me and my fam, things are going up and down everyday around here. Staying at home with the three littles who all need their mama is exhausting especially when Kevin is gone for work two weeks at a time. I really have let this little space fall to the back burner and although I think about posting all the time, I just never make the time to do it.

Currently we are at the beach with my family for our annual vacation with my parents and my brother and his wife. It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year to just come to a nice little place with a balcony that overlooks the beach and the ocean.

In the past month we have joined a gym and I’m so in love with it! They have childcare and classes and I even have a few sessions with a personal trainer. In the past week and a half or so I’ve been amazed at the change in my energy and willingness to just run and play with the kids even more than I used to do. It’s sooo not the easiest thing to get everyone to in the morning but I really believe it’s totally worth the work. I took my first spin class and am hooked. The instructor is great! I’m going to be at the beach for the next class but next week I’m definitely going to be there!

We are still doing tons of projects around the house. My current one is painting the back patio ceiling. I haven’t picked out a white color yet but maybe I can do that when we get home! We finally got a sink for the kids bathroom and I can’t wait to get that room finished.

I’ve been going to the women’s Sunday school class at church and am loving the intimacy of sitting in a room with loving and kind and supportive women. It is really making me want to read my bible more and study more. I feel like I talk too much because I always have something to comment about the lesson or the devotional readings but Mrs. Gina is our teacher and assures me that’s ok for me talk. And that she even wants us all to have a discussion about the readings and lessons so there’s that!

That’s about it for now with what’s going on in our lives. Nothing too spectacular, just a lot of every day living going on. Ok, I’ll post again soon!

Some of my new favorites

A couple of weeks ago we went to Gulfport to pick Kevin up from the airport and then went to eat lunch at a fun place nearby. I had such a good time and got done great pictures of the kids. They are my new favorite pictures of our family and I’m going to print them out to replace our old family pictures!

Ready for Spring

The weather outside right now is absolutely beautiful! I love living in Mississippi because one day it will be freezing cold and the next it will be in the 60’s. I know it’s only January 9, but goodness I’m ready for spring now.

Now that I’ve had our newest baby, I’m looking forward to other things I want to do this year. I feel like with every baby I have, the more productive I get. I don’t know why that is, maybe because deep down I’ve just always wanted to be a mother and now all the gaps are being filled in. All I know right now is that all I want to do is focus on nurturing my family with my love, and cooking meals, and being as creative as I can.

This year I’ve made a resolution of sorts to get outside with the kids more. I believe that we all need to get out in nature more and I know my kids are much happier when we make a point to go play. Last year when we went to the beach Kevin and I dreamed of going to the swamp more and just spending time playing on the sand bar and having picnics and stuff. How fun is that going to be?

For now since I still have a newborn, I’ll just sit here on the couch and dream about the warmer weather fun we’ll have!

Our Trip to the Mississippi Children’s Museum in Jackson

Last Friday I had an eye doctor appointment for a check up in Jackson.  Whenever we make this trip, we like to bring the kids with us and use the opportunity to explore the different museums and places there!  This time we went to the Mississippi Children’s Museum which was a lot of fun for all of us.  There were a lot of interactive exhibits based on things here in Mississippi for the kids to play around on.  They had a blast playing on everything and probably even learning a little bit even though they didn’t realize it.  I’ve posted a few of the pictures I took but I mostly try to record the kids when they are playing around because it is so fun for us to watch them later.  It is also a good way to share the experience with their grandparents, too!  This museum is definitely a place I want to bring the kids back to!