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Simplifying our dining space!

After we came home from the beach, I was craving even more simplicity. I feel like we had kind of hit a plateau with decluttering and although we wanted to do more, we just didn’t have any idea where to go. Going on a trip to a clean and empty condo gave us a fresh perspective on our house.

So naturally our next step was to get rid of one of the biggest pieces of furniture in our house! When we bought and moved into our house, there was a lot of furniture that was here from Kevin’s great-grandmother. I looked at this as a great thing because that allowed us to not have to buy a lot of furniture we would need. However, we did not think about the fact that most of it wasn’t our style.

This year we got rid of a matching table and china hutch. A set that we have disliked for years but weren’t sure what to do about it or whether we wanted to put forth the effort to do anything. Then in February I decided that I had enough and I put the table on Facebook marketplace. And then it was gone within a month!

Over the past year Kevin has tried different things to make the china hutch work but nothing has made us want to keep it. A few weeks ago I saw a makeover on Instagram where they installed built in cabinets for storage in their family room and I loved how it transformed the room! So for weeks I’ve been brainstorming how to incorporate that in my house. The only thing I could come up with was putting them along the wall in our dining area where we had the china hutch.

In my mind this was a perfect spot because it would get rid of the china hutch while also providing the storage for the art supplies that were currently being stored in the hutch. Then on a whim, I came up with a plan and told Kevin my thoughts. It actually came from the thought process of trying to move out piano to a different location. We talked about switching the piano and the hutch but then rejected that idea because we didn’t want the piano there. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about the hutch not being there anymore so we came up with a game plan that allowed us to move it.

When we moved the top half out, we moved the bottom part to take place of an old record player that was holding our stereo. It’s not really what we want but right now we are using what we have. I’m not interested in spending money unnecessarily so doing this switch is perfect for our situation right now. As a result of freeing up the space on that wall, it looked a little bare so Kevin moved my antique sewing cabinet to that wall which gave us an open space between the back door and the laundry room door.

I’m really in love with what we did. It’s a huge difference and a great change for our house! Now I’m brainstorming how to gain storage elsewhere so we can completely eliminate the buffet under the tv once we get a soundbar. I’m expecting to try to get one for Christmas, but I don’t know how long I can make Kevin hold out on getting one.

Wanting more of less

We are headed home from the beach and I want the feeling of lightness to continue with us to our home. Over the past year we have decluttered and minimized a lot of our house. Stuff keeps creeping in and cluttering up spaces that I have already cleared out and straightened up. Being in a clean space for a vacation is so lovely feeling has me motivated to get home and clean some more!

I love that about going on vacation. The feeling of lightness and openness that comes with the uncluttered room where we stay is what I’m after in my own home. I love being at home and I want it to feel peaceful and look around and clean surfaces.

Minimalism is a way for us to achieve this at our house and I think going on vacation was a good way to give me a little bit of motivation that I have been lacking. It’s so easy to get complacent with how things are when I am looking at it the same every day.

Adventures in decluttering!

I have decluttered around the house a lot lately. About a month ago I put the majority of the kids toys in boxes so I could do a toy rotation and at the beginning of July, I switched out my first rotation. It was such a success and I’m so proud of how it worked!

I finally got to clearing out the bathrooms, too, and I am super happy about it. I have been wanting to declutter them for several months now and one afternoon I was feeling in a weird mood and I got rid of a garbage bag of expired toiletries and hair and bath products we weren’t using. We have a lot of blankets that we don’t need right now and they are stored in the bathroom closet. I want to find a better way to organize them because right now they’re just stuffed in the top shelf and it’s basically a spot I avoid to look at. Ha ha!

I was still in a weird mood for a few days after that so I also decluttered my social medias. I try to do this from time to time because I have noticed that I tend to go on a “following spree” and start following a bunch of different accounts that are inspiring to me at the time. After a while a lot of them stop being inspiring and I find myself just scrolling past their posts to find the posts I really want to look at. I really think this is what causes me to be in a weird mood and that’s when I know it is time for me to unfollow people. I always feel much happier after I do this, too!

One night Kevin took down a shelf in the kitchen for me. This is something I’ve been asking for a while now and we finally did it! I’m hoping this will help with giving me more room for storage for cereal boxes and stuff. All of the shelves in my kitchen cabinets are too short for me to stand any boxes upright so I was storing them on their side. This is not practical in case anybody wondered. I still haven’t figured out the best way to store everything in that cabinet yet but at least I can stand all my cereal boxes up.

We went shopping last week and I got some new socks bc most of mine had holes in them like on the balls of my feet. So that spurred me to throw away all the socks and just have my new ones. And then I kind of went from there and cleaned out my dressers and I have a box of clothes to donate and a trash bag of messed up clothes and some other random trash that was in our room. I feel really good about getting that done.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that I am still trying to find different methods that work for us. Eventually I hope to get better storage and ways to organize what we have. It’s probably gonna be longer than I wish it would be but for right now what we are doing is working for us. I love that I’ve been able to use what we have and make do with what I find around the house, especially since we are paying off debt and stuff. But I still look forward to the day that I am not using diaper boxes as permanent storage for everything.

Hitch goals no. 8

Totally forgot to do hitch goals for June! Life has been going back and forth between hard and not as hard and I just completely forgot. So anyways, to be honest, I haven’t put a lot of thought into short term goals lately. Kevin and I are doing a lot of dreaming for the future and I can’t stop thinking about all of our plans! That being said, I have come up with a few goals for July:

  • Whole30(ish). I’ve kind of already been doing this lately, but totally fell off the wagon last week. I’m planning to try again for this month.
  • Pay off medical credit card. We had some extensive dental work done the past two years and had to put the expenses on a card. Hopefully we will pay this balance off by the end of the month, two years early. We should be able to do this thanks to our tax refund and overtime Kevin has been making!
  • Declutter bathrooms. To be honest, this has been on my to-do list for a couple of months now. And I keep putting it off. This month I plan to make it a definite priority to get it done.

More Decluttering!!

So, oh my gosh. Oh have we decluttered this week! For several months, Kevin and I talked about redoing our dining table. Then we got really serious about what we thought we wanted to do to it and ended up deciding that we actually just wanted a different table. Of course, we wanted to make a table out of pipe and wood to go along with our industrial pipe shelves. I found several tables that I liked and that was about as far as we got. To buy a table like what we want would be super expensive. To make a table like what we want is not as expensive but still more than we can want to spend right now.

Then one day I looked around and noticed that we did in fact already own a smaller table that we could use! So I switched our big table with our smaller sewing table to try out how we liked the size. And we love it! And finally after a few months of procrastinating, I took some pictures and posted the table on Facebook and I got it sold! Yay! So we got that French provincial monstrosity out of our house.

It has only been one day that the table has been gone from the house but goodness our living room is so refreshing now. Although it didn’t feel cramped before we moved the table out, there is more space and I feel like there is more room mentally. It’s funny how I didn’t even know that’s how I felt until after the table was gone.

But that’s not all! We also “sold” our couch to Faith. Sooo that huge thing is out of our house now. At the time that I am writing this post, I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we don’t have a couch in our living room. The first year we moved into our house, we had six couches and two pianos. We were ridiculous! I have no idea what to do with this room and I have no plan for it. I don’t know what is supposed to anchor the room now that we don’t have our main piece of furniture.

Honestly, I’m probably going to let Kevin figure it out. I kind of brought in more furniture and he was a little disappointed because he was looking forward to getting more stuff out of the house and then I brought more stuff in. In a way I want more stuff out of the house, too. This morning I’ve been thinking about the extra furniture that I claimed from my parents house and I really don’t want most of it. I thought I did but now that we are trying to minimize some more, I realize just how needless it is.

Kevin isn’t here for the day and I’ve moved all the pieces that I don’t want out to the carport as a surprise for when he gets back later. I hope it makes him happy. Looking around, it’s already making me happy and it is actually helping me realize that the furniture I have chosen to keep is what I really want.


It’s pretty awesome because we went from several large pieces of furniture to just a few smaller pieces and we love it! I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. I’m looking for some before pictures of the rooms so I can show just how much of a difference getting rid of the table and couch made.

Decluttering and minimalism is pretty great. I don’t want to get too far into this subject right now but everything is automatically tidier and neater in my house. Eleanor’s birthday party is this weekend and I’m not even stressed at all even thought I haven’t started cleaning for it! Last year I had to start cleaning at least two weeks before the party so I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by it all. Getting rid of our excess junk is one of the best things that we have started doing. And we are still not done. Will we ever be done?

Hitch goals no. 7

Oh hey! I’m just a little late with my hitch goals this month. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with life lately, I’m constantly going and not getting enough breaks to rest and recharge. So I’m trying to keep it simple this month since I have a lot of other responsibilities that I have to do.

  1. Exercise. I found this 21 day workout challenge that I liked. While the exercises aren’t easy, they don’t require a lot from me as far as time and sweating.
  2. Declutter Jake’s closet. To tell the truth I have already done this last week. But it happened in May and I need an easy win so I’m gonna count it.
  3. Cook more vegetables. I kind of cook sides for our meals but I am also a little lazy when it comes to cooking because Kevin never ate anything other than the main dish I made so I never got in the habit of making veggies to go with our meals. But I feel like my body is craving more than just the minimum I’ve been eating so my goal is to cook more vegetables and have fruit available.

Decluttering Our Closet

We decluttered our closets this past weekend! Even though this wasn’t on my list for the month to do, it is something that has been bothering me in the back of my mind. In our closets, we were basically storing things that we had already decluttered from other places. But even so, I wanted to go through what all I had and organize my stuff.

In the top of my closet is where I keep all of my craft stuff and all of my projects in progress. It looked like a huge mess because I was using a bunch of random boxes that I already had to get me by. I already decluttered and pared down my supplies to only what I needed and wanted. So the first step of decluttering for my crafts was finished. So I got a set of clear plastic drawers and consolidated all of my supplies into them.

What a difference! Oh my gosh my closet looks so great! In the drawers I have my sewing notions, my cross-stitch and needlework supplies, and my little stash of fabric that I have. I’m also in the middle of 3 projects and those are contained in their own clear plastic storage boxes.

Having the projects in their own separate boxes is convenient because if I ever feel like working on a project, all I have to do is pull out that box. Every thing that I have that goes with each project is in the box for that project! One day when I’m not doing a hundred other things I will also finish one of those projects.

I feel like the more decluttering projects I do, the more productive I am becoming. And I have to say that living this way, constantly doing, is much better than sitting around looking at things and wishing things were different. There is still a lot a lot that I have in mind to declutter and then organize. I keep making lists of what is left to go through but there are different things on each list so I should really try to find them all and consolidate them. And probably stop writing my lists on loose leaf paper.

Spring Cleaning 2019 part 2

Y’all my house is so clean! Or at least the front part of my house is. I started with my kitchen last week and then I cleaned the walls and baseboards in our living room earlier this week.

The living room is the room that I see the most lately since I’m often stuck to my chair while nursing Jacob. I’ve really noticed how dirty and dusty the baseboards are for a while now, but I just now got up the motivation to clean them. It looks so clean! I’m so very proud of how I can tell that they’re clean.

Unfortunately now I can tell where I need to touch up with paint on them. That’s probably a good thing, actually. We are talking about selling our house someday and touching up the baseboards is something that will need to be done. Painting the doors is also on my list of touch ups to do. Some of them are painted, but some haven’t been painted.

I took advantage of the kids spending the night at my parents house and cleaned the floors up front really good. I put some lavender drops in my roomba and it made it smell wonderful while it was running.

I’m not sure which room I will tackle next. Doing the cleaning room by room has been the right technique for me. To continue cleaning the rest of the rooms I will need to do some decluttering first. Which is totally fine by me, I am addicted to decluttering! It’s so nice to only have exactly what I need and not be distracted by having things I don’t need or even want.

I’ll keep you updated!

Hitch goals no. 6

Happy April! The temperatures are getting warmer, the days are longer, and we have spent 5 out of the past 7 days outside. And only because it rained and then it was Sunday so we were in church. I just love this time of year, I love being outside with everything turning green and growing again! I’m trying to not overload myself with a lot of projects and limit to 3 or 4 ideas.

As far as last month’s goals go, I did great! We got the yard fenced in and mowed once and I “worked out” approximately 3 times. I completely cleaned off my bookshelf and restyled it with less stuff, less truly is more! And we had lots of veggies as our side dishes. So delicious.

  1. Clear off dresser surfaces in our bedroom. It’s so easy for stuff to creep in and cover both the dresser and chest of drawers that we have. I’m tired of feeling suffocated in my room and getting these things cleared off will help sooo much!
  2. Make an Easter bunny garland.
  3. Work on back porch. We fenced in a small area in the backyard that includes the back porch and I have a lot of plans for this space!
  4. Spring clean the house! Ok so I’ve never done a super deep clean of our house and something crazy happened last week and I feel totally grossed out by my house now and I want to just take everything out, clean the house, and put about half the stuff back in lol!

thoughtful thursday

this isn’t as thoughtful as much as it is just a brain dump. I have so much to do, like, to straighten up and I feel like I can’t think straight until I talk about it a little bit. I am a very routine person and then things come up that mess up my routines and then I don’t keep up with things the way I normally do. So things build up and then I look around and my house has just exploded.

Right now I am looking at the kitchen. I did a major grocery shopping trip yesterday and when I got home I had major help getting it all inside and all out of the bags. Unfortunately a lot of it is still on the counters. Being gone all day long and then coming home with stuff that I need to do is so hard with three little ones who really need my attention. They’re getting more independent all the time but they still just need me. I almost always choose them, too. It’s important that they see me tidy up and do housework but it’s also important to choose them when I’ve been away all day.

Also, laundry piled up as it always does when I’m busy. I try to do laundry all in one day. It is the best way that works for me, #projectbrain, and every once in a while my laundry routine gets thrown off. Soooo annoying.

Finally, the biggest distraction of all: the floor and all the stuff that ends up on it. Because children. And an ability to just overlook a couple things on the floor until it becomes too much. I have thoughts on that last sentence but I’m still organizing them to make sense. I feel like this little post doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it has helped me get everything out of my brain and that was the point.

Ok! I’m off to do something, I’ll update later.