A good while ago I saw a picture of a playroom with a huge poster that said “sorry about the mess but we are learning here” and totally fell in love with it. What I really liked about the poster was how colorful it was and I wanted to recreate something like that but couldn’t think of a phrase that I absolutely loved. Then I noticed that every time Eleanor saw a book or piece of paper that had words on it, she would tell me that it said “Jesus loves me.” Turns out, she gave me the phrase I was looking for but hadn’t thought myself!

When my parents moved out of their house in May, my mom sent me some pictures of random things asking me if I wanted any of them. Included in these images were some posters from my high school years that I had hanging up with simple black frames. Without having to spend anymore money, I had everything I needed to make the posters!

It took me a little while to get it done and planned out. But once I traced all the letters out and got to painting them, I was so happy! I really enjoyed the painting process, it gave me something simple and straightforward to do with my hands while also creating something beautiful. I hung it on an existing nail just to get it up, but I have a perfect spot in mind for it.

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