After we came home from the beach, I was craving even more simplicity. I feel like we had kind of hit a plateau with decluttering and although we wanted to do more, we just didn’t have any idea where to go. Going on a trip to a clean and empty condo gave us a fresh perspective on our house.

So naturally our next step was to get rid of one of the biggest pieces of furniture in our house! When we bought and moved into our house, there was a lot of furniture that was here from Kevin’s great-grandmother. I looked at this as a great thing because that allowed us to not have to buy a lot of furniture we would need. However, we did not think about the fact that most of it wasn’t our style.

This year we got rid of a matching table and china hutch. A set that we have disliked for years but weren’t sure what to do about it or whether we wanted to put forth the effort to do anything. Then in February I decided that I had enough and I put the table on Facebook marketplace. And then it was gone within a month!

Over the past year Kevin has tried different things to make the china hutch work but nothing has made us want to keep it. A few weeks ago I saw a makeover on Instagram where they installed built in cabinets for storage in their family room and I loved how it transformed the room! So for weeks I’ve been brainstorming how to incorporate that in my house. The only thing I could come up with was putting them along the wall in our dining area where we had the china hutch.

In my mind this was a perfect spot because it would get rid of the china hutch while also providing the storage for the art supplies that were currently being stored in the hutch. Then on a whim, I came up with a plan and told Kevin my thoughts. It actually came from the thought process of trying to move out piano to a different location. We talked about switching the piano and the hutch but then rejected that idea because we didn’t want the piano there. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about the hutch not being there anymore so we came up with a game plan that allowed us to move it.

When we moved the top half out, we moved the bottom part to take place of an old record player that was holding our stereo. It’s not really what we want but right now we are using what we have. I’m not interested in spending money unnecessarily so doing this switch is perfect for our situation right now. As a result of freeing up the space on that wall, it looked a little bare so Kevin moved my antique sewing cabinet to that wall which gave us an open space between the back door and the laundry room door.

I’m really in love with what we did. It’s a huge difference and a great change for our house! Now I’m brainstorming how to gain storage elsewhere so we can completely eliminate the buffet under the tv once we get a soundbar. I’m expecting to try to get one for Christmas, but I don’t know how long I can make Kevin hold out on getting one.

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