Now that we are home from the beach and the craziness of the past month and a half is over, I’m ready to set some goals for September! We got a lot accomplished around the house in August and I am so excited about the two biggest changes which were painting the porch roof and moving our china hutch.

  • Finish art work for the bathroom. We have been in a very long process of remodeling our kids bathroom and I have a few ideas for decorating the room. I’m going to be painting a few things and I’m so excited about it!
  • Declutter and decorate the open shelves for fall. When we got rid of the china hutch, we had to find a place for all the decorative things that we were storing in there. Naturally we grouped them with the other decorative things in the other pen space that we had: the open industrial pipe shelves.
  • Finish sewing up face scrubbies. I’ve been knitting some round face scrubbies and now I’ve got a stack to finish up. I am really excited for a picture of all the pretty colors they are.
  • Get clothes priced for consignment sale. This isn’t hard, just a little time consuming. Pretty self explanatory.

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