Monday: sausage balls for breakfast, taco salad for lunch, sloppy joes in bell pepper boats for supper. Cups of coffee: 3. Cups of water: 5

Tuesday: sausage balls for breakfast, chicken strips for lunch, Hawaiian chicken for supper. Snacks: handful of marshmallows, one graham cracker, baby carrots. Cups of coffee: 3. Water: 7

Wednesday: sausage balls for breakfast, leftover Hawaiian chicken and sloppy joes for lunch, scrambled eggs and sausage for supper. Cups of coffee: 5. Water: 9

Thursday: sausage patties for breakfast, grilled shrimp and sausage for lunch, sloppy joe stuffed sweet potatoes for supper. Cups of coffee: 4. Water: 9

Friday: sausage patties for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, shredded chicken tacos and one piece of pizza. Snacks: bite of cookie cake, handful of m&ms. Cups of coffee: 3. Water: 5

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