Okay, so I started this post almost a week ago, then got interrupted probably by mom duties, and then I just never got back to it. Mainly because we had our baby! I don’t even think I wrote anything about being preggers, but you know, baby number 3 will do that. Anyways, on January 2, we got to meet our very own Jacob Leon on this side of my belly.

I am so so in love and so so worn out. So naturally I don’t have many goals at all for this hitch. Also my life goals have changed a little (a lot) over the past few months, so I have new priorities and overall goals.

  1. Have baby no. 3
  2. Play with my little babies
  3. Help them learn and grow

Basically my goals for this hitch are to focus on nurturing my family and loving my babies. I’ve been feeling a pull to embrace this stay at home mom life more than I’ve been doing and this will be the year’s focus. And starting in January will be the perfect baby steps.

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