The beginning of this week has been a little scattered and I never sat down to start a meal plan. My goal for the past few weeks has been to use up and cook what I’ve been stocking up in my freezer. One, because I don’t have much room left to put other stuff in there but mainly because my grocery budget has gotten out of hand the past couple of months and I didn’t want to continue spending that way. Most of what we are eating has required minimal effort on my part because 35 weeks pregnant over here! In this week and next, we will have successfully eaten pretty much all I’ve had stocked in the freezer and I’m so glad!

Here is my meal plan for this week:

Sunday: Sandwiches

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner.

Wednesday: Shrimp alfredo

Thursday: Eating out

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Ham and vegetables

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