This week is going to be a busy week with Thanksgiving coming up on Thursday but I do have all my meals planned out! Even though I don’t always eat exactly what I have planned, it’s soooo nice to have a plan beforehand so I don’t have to try to decide at 5 pm what to feed my family. There’s one thing I’ve been thinking of lately and it is how tiring it is to get three plates ready at the same time and sit down to eat with everybody. That makes it sound like we have a lot of people eating with us. It’s pretty much just me, Kevin and the kids. But still! The kids are not old enough to fix their own drinks or get their own silverware yet so I’m doing a lot at dinner time.

Here is my meal plan for this week:

Sunday: Popcorn shrimp, edamame

Monday: White chicken, corn, rice, green beans

Tuesday: Teriyaki chicken, company potatoes (my fave!)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Thanksgiving

Friday: Dinner with family

Saturday: Out to eat

Happy eating!

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